Why use an Independent Consultant ?


I'm often faced with the customer that asks "So why use an independent consultant ? Isn't that expensive ?"

Actually, the answer is often a resounding "NO" ! Independent Consultants offer far more than most companies realize - and often cost far less than a permanent employee and certainly less than any consulting organization can offer, onshore or offshore.

Permanent Employees are usually biased towards ensuring their position remains static in your organization. This might mean that they do not work optimally towards the corporate goal, or it takes more employees to train and manage to ensure results. Independent Consultants directly report to the Project Management - and must provide documentation to prove their worth on a daily basis ! An Independent consultant is also unbiased, and to ensure the success of their customers and clients, often write themselves out of the equation to ensure ROI and cost benefits !

Large Consulting Organizations work to benefit themselves. They encourage expenditure to ensure profitability and revenue for their organization and to meet their own corporate goals - which is usually very different from their customers goals. Often, customers are led down a path they think they are managing - only to realize too late they end up with an unmanageable project with far too many resources at far too high a price.

Independent Consultants offer Return on Investment and can provide significant savings. Because they work for YOU, the customer, then that ensures the customers primary strategic direction is met on an ongoing basis.

An independent consultant is usually someone who has SIGNIFICANT experience in their field. Obviously if they did not have the customer references, they'd find it difficult to survive as an independent. Choose a consultant with good references from a long background of consulting.

Then there is the $64,000 question. How much does an independent cost ?

Obviously an independent is usually a lot less expensive than going through a larger consulting organization. Usually independents work FOR consulting organizations as subcontractors - often costing companies even more money, just to get the organizations "name" attached to a project !

But how does an independent fare against a permanent employee ? Surely they're more expensive ?

Not necessarily. Certainly if you compare an independents rate against a salaried employee for the same position (which is usually difficult to fill) - the independent is usually about twice the cost. However, when you take into consideration the following bullet points, you'll understand that you're paying about the same !

  1. Employees have paid leave

  2. Employees have paid sickpay

  3. Employees need health insurance

  4. Employees usually need other benefits including 401k etc

  5. Employees are a direct monthly cost against SG&A

  6. Employees are rarely reportable for their time

  7. Independents don't charge for time taken off the project

  8. Independents ARE reportable

  9. Independents are traditionally more efficient with their time

  10. Independents bring experience to the table

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  1. Pricing as low as permanent salaries for remote work

  2. Reportability

  3. Insurance

  4. Reliability

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